INSIDE TRACK FOR ALL YOUR MOTORING NEEDSThe team atmaintenance centre for allGarages Ltd havemotorists whatever car,relocated their Fast Fitlight commercial vehicles,centre at 62 Moor Lane,campers and motorClitheroe to their mainhomes that they at Unit 2 PrimroseShould your motor homeTRACKBusiness Park, Primroserequire a service we haveRoad, Clitheroe BB7 1DRspecialist commercialVANThe Primrose Mil Sitelifts up to 6 tonnesis a larger purpose builtaccommodate yourworkshop with the latesttechnology and 9You can be confidentVehicle Ramps.that your vehicle willWith so many motoristsreceive the best possibleseeking value for moneycare and attention,but keen to keep theirWhatever problem youvehicles maintained toare experiencing withthe highest standards theyour vehicle with thebusiness has continuedexperienced technicianscheck. If you have a tymean alloy protector. Therevehicle require an MOTin the area. Owner Alanto grow from strength toat Inside Track along withthat is punctured yet stis a computerised wheeljust give us a call and oneNester says "Our businesshe modern equipmentroad worthy Inside Trackbalancing facility as wellof our friendly staff willto trade veryThe independentyou can be assured thatalso provides a quickas laser alignment andmake you an appointment.successfully and by nowcompany has gainedhe garage willhavetheIf you require someand effective puncturetracking equipment.moving the Fast Fit centresolution. Inside Track isan enviable reputationrepair service. Therebodywork repairing onto our main siteable to offer the areasInside Track providesthroughout the area foris no need to make anyour vehicle call in for a noUnit 2, Primrose Businessproviding exceptional high most competitive priceseverything you need toobligation quotation.appointment just cal inPark, Primrose Road,levels of workmanshipkeep your vehicle on theon tyres and hold a widerange of stock so beforeand your tyres can beClitheroe means that wevery competitive prices.road. The team are happyJust two years agorepaired or replaced whist to service and repair allcan provide a one stopBy offering this and theInside Track had justyou buy on line checkwidest possible range ofyou enjoy a cup of tea ormakes and models usingtwo vans for hire. Todayshop for allwith the team first as itgarage in our comfortablevehicles needs. We like tois very likely we willbethe latest diagnosticsthere are thirteen andwaiting area. All work ishank all of our customersBy relocating the Fast Fit cheaper here. Also asequipment for both petrolwith demand continuingcarried out to the highestfor their business loyalty,part of it's friendly service,and diesel engines alongto grow, more may needcentre from Moor Lane tostandard using the latestThanks to them weUnit 2 Primrose Businesscustomers can have awith fitting edhausts,to be sourced. ContactPark the company nowfree and accurate tyretyre fitting machinesforshock absorbers, brakesus to find out more aboutcontinue to thrive andoffer a one stop vehiclepressure and conditionup to 26 inch wheels withand batteries. Should your some of the lowest ratesINSIDE TRACK GARAGESA REPUTABLE FAMILY RUN COMPANY YOU CAN TRUSTTyres at Unbeatable Prices/Free tyre check/Fast FitWe can service andVANrepair your vehicle atPuncture repairsa fraction of the MainCar Salesdealer prices, blockLatest Lazer Alignment and tracking SystemHIREexemption allowsMOT Testing Public and trade Class 4,5, and 7s to do this andService and repairs to all Makes and modelsall prices include VAT,guarantees to keepBody repairsnsurance and breakdown coveryour vehicle underDiagnostic Work/Cambelts/Brakes and Clutchesit's Manufacturer'sCourtesy Car AvailableVAUXHALLWarrantFIAT DUCATOSVIVAROSCollection and Delivery of Customers VehiclesOur full trained andHi topsqualified technicians£48.00£45.00will keep your serviceper dayper dayhistory stamp up todate and ensure you thevery best of attentionPlease askMERCEDESabout ourLUTONS witha tall lift£59.50r dayUnit 2 Primrose Business Park, Clitheroe01200 427899/ 01200 427292/ 01200 428575opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 5.30pm. Saturday 8.00am to 12.30pm

Date: 14 April 2017

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Inside Track Garages Ltd

Motoring / Car Maintenance

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INSIDE TRACK FOR ALL YOUR MOTORING NEEDS The team at maintenance centre for all Garages Ltd have motorists whatever car, relocated their Fast Fit light commercial vehicles, centre at 62 Moor Lane, campers and motor Clitheroe to their main homes that they drive. site at Unit 2 Primrose Should your motor home TRACK Business Park, Primrose require a service we have Road, Clitheroe BB7 1DR specialist commercial VAN The Primrose Mil Site lifts up to 6 tonnes is a larger purpose built accommodate your workshop with the latest technology and 9 You can be confident Vehicle Ramps. that your vehicle will With so many motorists receive the best possible seeking value for money care and attention, but keen to keep their Whatever problem you vehicles maintained to are experiencing with the highest standards the your vehicle with the business has continued experienced technicians check. If you have a tyme an alloy protector. There vehicle require an MOT in the area. Owner Alan to grow from strength to at Inside Track along with that is punctured yet st is a computerised wheel just give us a call and one Nester says "Our business he modern equipment road worthy Inside Track balancing facility as well of our friendly staff will to trade very The independent you can be assured that also provides a quick as laser alignment and make you an appointment. successfully and by now company has gained he garage willhavethe If you require some and effective puncture tracking equipment. moving the Fast Fit centre solution. Inside Track is an enviable reputation repair service. There bodywork repairing on to our main site able to offer the areas Inside Track provides throughout the area for is no need to make an your vehicle call in for a no Unit 2, Primrose Business providing exceptional high most competitive prices everything you need to obligation quotation. appointment just cal in Park, Primrose Road, levels of workmanship keep your vehicle on the on tyres and hold a wide range of stock so before and your tyres can be Clitheroe means that we very competitive prices. road. The team are happy Just two years ago repaired or replaced whist to service and repair all can provide a one stop By offering this and the Inside Track had just you buy on line check widest possible range of you enjoy a cup of tea or makes and models using two vans for hire. Today shop for all with the team first as it garage services. coffee in our comfortable vehicles needs. We like to is very likely we willbe the latest diagnostics there are thirteen and waiting area. All work is hank all of our customers By relocating the Fast Fit cheaper here. Also as equipment for both petrol with demand continuing carried out to the highest for their business loyalty, part of it's friendly service, and diesel engines along to grow, more may need centre from Moor Lane to standard using the latest Thanks to them we Unit 2 Primrose Business customers can have a with fitting edhausts, to be sourced. Contact Park the company now free and accurate tyre tyre fitting machines for shock absorbers, brakes us to find out more about continue to thrive and offer a one stop vehicle pressure and condition up to 26 inch wheels with and batteries. Should your some of the lowest rates INSIDE TRACK GARAGES A REPUTABLE FAMILY RUN COMPANY YOU CAN TRUST Tyres at Unbeatable Prices/Free tyre check/Fast Fit We can service and VAN repair your vehicle at Puncture repairs a fraction of the Main Car Sales dealer prices, block Latest Lazer Alignment and tracking System HIRE exemption allows MOT Testing Public and trade Class 4,5, and 7 s to do this and Service and repairs to all Makes and models all prices include VAT, guarantees to keep Body repairs nsurance and breakdown cover your vehicle under Diagnostic Work/Cambelts/Brakes and Clutches it's Manufacturer's Courtesy Car Available VAUXHALL Warrant FIAT DUCATOS VIVAROS Collection and Delivery of Customers Vehicles Our full trained and Hi tops qualified technicians £48.00 £45.00 will keep your service per day per day history stamp up to date and ensure you the very best of attention Please ask MERCEDES about our LUTONS with a tall lift £59.50 r day Unit 2 Primrose Business Park, Clitheroe 01200 427899/ 01200 427292/ 01200 428575 opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 5.30pm. Saturday 8.00am to 12.30pm